How does FieldCamp work?

This service scheduling software for small businesses has two main aspects, the company side (admin side), and the employee side.

Admin Side:

  • Once the admin receives the new requests from the customers, he can create a new job request in the application, filling all the required information.
  • After creating job requests with required details, the admin will assign those jobs to specific field technicians as per their expertise and experience.
  • The admin can track all the assigned jobs and check their status whether they are completed, ongoing, or pending. Not only jobs but the admin can also track employees to know their whereabouts and will also know when they reach to complete the job, and when they actually finish the job.
  • The admin will get a bird's eye view into their business like what’s going on in all the departments.

Employee Side:

  • Once the employee logs into the app, he will start receiving the job requests from the admin.
  • He can check the details of the job requests along with the customer’s name, contact number, requirements, and any specific need if any.
  • The employee can keep updating the admin about the job whether he started it, about to start or completed it. He will keep updating the admin about everything.
  • The employee can also track the job history by day, week, and month, and know the status of total jobs he has received to date.
  • The field technicians can also track the total earnings and manage them accordingly.  
  • If required, the technicians can also generate invoices for the customers, filling all the details.